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CE provides consulting and advanced services within content management, collaboration, social networking and enterprise integration. With a commitment to deliver true business value, CE helps its clients apply and design business-driven technology solutions.

The core business is based on:

  • Corporate & Consumer Portal
  • Intranet & Social Collaboration
  • HR Academy Portal & E-learning

What makes us different?
We work TOGETHER - We bring out the best in each other and create strong and successful working relationships.

We RESPECT the individual - We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members.

We are OPEN and HONEST in our communications - We share information, insight and advice frequently and constructively and managing tough situations with courage and candor.

Corporate & Consumer Portals

Portal solutions enable organizations - whether large or small - to manage and share content and services, and provide secure, personalized access to the right recipients (customers, suppliers, partners and employees).

This way, the information assets of an organization become a powerful relationship tool for dealing with the various stakeholders, providing users with an interactive experience that supplies content and delivers functionality that is relevant to the respective context and their specific needs.

Secure & Personalized Access

It is possible to securely integrate tools and utilities present on corporate systems, such as LDAP directories, allowing access to different content - based on permissions, roles, profiles and interests: your users will appreciate navigating their way through perfectly relevant information.

Integration of Services & Applications

The portal can comfortably grow along with the increasing demands of the business: it can make new services accessible and available that are developed for a given purpose, while existing (legacy) content and new content sources can be readily integrated.

Communications & Content Distribution

For communications and promotion, your company will find great value in the possibilities of presenting services, data and multimedia content (independent of the corporate system where they are hosted) to its users, on whatever device they use, all with a consistent layout and integrated experience.

Web 2.0 Tools

Users are becoming ever more accustomed to interacting - both among themselves and with proprietary content and brands. A modern portal instrument allows you to easily activate tools designed to make the experience of your company´s web presence feel like typical social network interactions: with user profiles, activity streams, interest groups and rating/sharing systems.

Intranet & Social Collaboration

The technologies and new forms of interaction that have emerged under the label of "Web 2.0" - born and matured in the consumer world - are proving themselves as tools that make it possible for organizations to work and communicate more effectively.

The intranet portal thus abandons its traditional informative, "top-down" dimension in order to become an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange: a virtual workplace that can support daily operations and create added value for the company.

Intranet 2.0

The penetration of social sharing and collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis and micro blogging within companies can have an extraordinary impact, bringing innovation both in terms of organization (such as promoting emerging forms of collaboration and informal exchanges) and in terms of disseminating knowledge and growth of the corporate culture.

Strengthening Operations

A company´s core applications should be just a click away and intranet portal users should be presented with a consistent interface that delivers institutional information and content with a consistent interface: application integration and portal technologies allow you to create a virtual work environment tailored to the respective profile, role and operational needs of the user.

The intranet, considered as a tool in support of your business, should be able to grow and adapt to needs that arise over time: a portal infrastructure makes it relatively easy to provide new services and functionality alongside a company´s existing/legacy code and applications.

A Virtual, Mobile Environment

The integration of documents, multimedia content, applications and collaborative tools into a homogeneous, billable environment that can be used on portable devices, allows you to create a truly mobile office, facilitating the exchange of information and nullifying physical distances.

HR Academy Portal & E-learning

An innovative approach to in-house training that uses web technologies and tools, integrated with traditional information systems, to build environments that encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration in the interests of continuing training.

The enterprise training portal provides users with a personal environment for work, learning and collaboration, where they can interact via internal communication, find training materials and documents pertinent to their business function, and use social tools in order to share knowledge and expertise.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

Within the enterprise ecosystem, a Learning Management System (LMS) is dedicated to management of training activities, allowing for fast, efficient distribution of materials and the development of effective, traceable group activities. Integration with document management systems and human resources reinforces the relationships between technology, training and communication, in order to give learning activities a dynamic and flexible dimension.

Web 2.0 Training & Collaboration

The convergence of the structured e-learning models and virtual workspaces, blogs, wikis, communities, logic and social methodologies of Web 2.0 allows for an innovative approach to business training - the integration of formal and informal learning episodes into a single, harmonious experience: a new virtual learning space that consists of a set of interchangeable, two-way services and applications in order to deepen professional and business relations and to achieve common learning goals.

Mobile Learning & the Multi-channel Approach

Training with the aid of mobile devices is an important part of an innovative model characterized by the ubiquity and ease of use of the device, which allows you to experiment with new methods for delivering accessible, flexible and interactive content.

Personalized Training

The in-house training strategy is guided by careful analysis and interpretation of individual and organizational needs and the characteristics of the organization, thus becoming an important competitive asset for success on the market.


Liferay, the undisputed leader among open source portal and collaboration software, is a proven solution for the portal requirements of medium-size enterprises and large organizations, and is the most effective and feasible alternative to commercial business suites.

Liferay´s extensive out-of-box functionality (capable of covering most web content management and collaboration needs) and its open and flexible architecture, designed to expand according to the needs of the business, mean that Liferay Portal is an almost unique convergence of technological innovation and usability.

Reduced Costs, Increased ROI

Compared with similar, proprietary solutions, Liferay does not require specific infrastructure investments: indeed, it saves licensing costs and - thanks to dedicated development tools and a wealth of available features - keeps the costs of maintenance and adapting the system to evolving needs to a minimum.

Simplified Data Connectivity

Developed in a coherent fashion (compared to the open-source standards for portals) and built around a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Liferay simplifies data integration with software components in use by the company.

Functionally Completeness

Liferay offers everything that is needed in order to create and maintain a full intranet or internet project, and to support the work of employees: all Web Content Management & Publishing functions can be interlinked - via Liferay Social Office Sync - with collaborative social tools and a syncing system that is able to access data on the go.

Our services include the following:

  • Installation, set-up and system configuration
  • Infrastructure design
  • Graphic and layout design
  • Creation of portlets and other applications, either as extensions or plugins
  • Integration with external systems


Moodle (acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open source Learning Management System (LMS) developed on the LAMP platform, which has become increasingly widespread - even among large organizations - as an open source alternative to expensive distance learning systems.

Used globally and supported by a large community of developers and solution providers, Moodle guarantees smooth management - in terms of stability, functionality and total cost – of even very complex and elaborate training projects.

Placing Users at the Heart of Training

Designed to support a type of learning based on socio-constructivist pedagogy, Moodle sees learning as a collaboration-based experience: it fosters interaction between user and teaching materials, promoting a degree of organizational autonomy in structuring the learning path.

A Broad Community

Moodle has a user base of more than 63 million and manages nearly 7 million courses. The 300,000 people who make up the development community at international level and about 40 partner companies are your guarantee for stability and continuity of projects developed with the platform.

Personalization & Interoperability

Developed with a plugin architecture, Moodle simplifies customization to customer needs, even in the deepest functional aspects. Strict adherence to web standards facilitates integration with repositories, content management software systems and identity management/authorization systems.

Our services include the following:

  • Customizing the solution in terms of user interface and functionality
  • Creating new plugins or customizing existing plugins
  • Integrating Moodle with other company software in order to create the e-learning portal
  • Migration to Moodle from other proprietary solutions

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